Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sarah Butler

I was just listening to a replay of Howard Stern, Sarah Butler was on who is promoting the remake of the exploitation classic "I Spit on Your Grave" and she shared the reason why she fell in love with her boyfriend. His lats. Imagine all the women who bitch and moan about shallow men for wanting a woman with big tits? I believe that women in this day and age are infinitely more superficial than men.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Markus the dickless wonder from POF

So after being back on plenty of fish once again for almost 2 straight months, my main profile picture got deleted and I receive the following message. "We are sorry but your main image has been deleted. Your main image must show your face". "If you continue to upload images that do not follow the rules, your uploading abilities will be disabled. This is an automated message, and your only warning".

Only warning? To put it simply it's a stupid rule, there are so many profiles out there WITHOUT A PICTURE, so apparently you have the choice of NOT posting a picture, but if you DO post a picture of your face partially obscured - no way, forbidden by that ass clown Markus Frind. Incidentally, have you seen a picture of that dickless wonder? After seeing what this jerkoff looks like I now understand why not posting a picture is ok. Look at that face... "pasty", "puffy", "blotchy", "chubby", "geeky" are the first words that come to mind.